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With the advent of COVID-19 and subsequent lockdowns, we have taken our services online.  We are able to offer sound baths, talks, presentations and wellbeing at work sessions online via Zoom. However, in accordance with UK Government guidelines, we are unable to offer in person events and tours.

Our services comprise:

Sound Baths 

Talks and presentations

Wellbeing at Work

Sacred Site Tours

Key benefits of sound therapy:

Deeply relaxing.

Improved sleep.

Reduces pain.

Calms the mind.


Feel uplifted.

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Sound Baths

What happens in a sound bath?

We bathe you in the sounds of our vocal harmonies with percussion instruments such as Himalayan Bowls, Gongs and Chimes.  Using therapeutic sounds in particular sequences allows the body to de-stress and calms the mind. You feel lighter, uplifted and refreshed.


During a sound bath, you can either sit or lie down, whatever is most comfortable for you. All you need to do is click on a Zoom link and bathe in relaxing soundwaves.


Over lockdown, we’ve offered regular public Sonic Tonic sessions on Zoom which have been much appreciated by our clients, many of whom have been shielding or acting as keyworkers. Clients tell us they value listening in the comfort of their own homes. They have also been impressed with the sound quality when wearing headphones or using good speakers.

We also offer private group sessions on Zoom for those special occasions e.g. milestone birthdays.


Talks & Presentations

We’ve been invited as speakers to many varied groups, sharing our experiences of working with sound therapy and our adventures of sacred sites around the world.


We combine David’s photography and video with our vocal harmonies and percussion instruments to give a multisensory experience.


Some of the presentations we have done include:


* Sound Therapy for holistic therapists.

* Sound healing and dowsing.

* Bornholm Island and its Templar connections

* Swimming with the humpback whales in the Bermuda Triangle

* Damanhur – insights from the spiritual community and eco-village in Italy.

* Avebury – co-creating ceremonies at one of Britain’s most ancient sacred sites.

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Wellbeing at work

Workplace wellness programmes are no longer considered to be an expensive extravagance. There are a growing number of companies who recognise that investing in their employees’ wellbeing can help reduce stress, reduce sickness absenteeism, promote staff retention and enhance creativity.


The British Academy of Sound Therapy approach to therapeutic sound baths has been researched and proven to be more deeply relaxing than other relaxation methods. By using percussion instruments and our voices in a particular sequence, the stress hormone cortisone is reduced, brainwave activity calms to levels experienced in deep relaxation (optimal for learning and creativity) and the body gets a chance to experience rest and cellular regeneration.


We’ve worked with office workers in their lunch breaks or after office hours and the feedback we’ve received consistently is that staff feel more deeply relaxed, energised and motivated.


Sacred Site Tours

Since we met in 2003, we’ve been guided to travel to several sacred sites around the world. We’ve found that many of these sites were designed for making sound and our singing voices act as a key to help unlock the mysteries of these sites.


Over the years, we've taken small groups and individuals to some of our favourite places. We've regaled fellow adventurers with our stories and sounds whilst giving them the opportunity to experience a deeper connection with the land and themselves. Ease, grace and joy are key themes for these adventures.


We will tailor a sacred site journey according to your needs to make it a unique, life-affirming adventure.