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Our focus is on you, your expectations and intentions for the event. Then we design a workshop which will support these intentions. These workshops are fun, interactive and empowering. They are very practical, based on tried and tested tools and techniques which you can take away and use in your daily life.

Learn how sound can:

* Improve your health and wellbeing
* Boost your energy
* Release energetic blocks and limiting patterns
* Help you relax, reduce stress, enhance mindfulness and find inner peace
* Enhance your creativity
* Experience greater alignment with your potential


Having been involved in the music industry for some 40 years, I have long standing experience of what is and isn't possible when using the human voice as an instrument. I stand by my beliefs and also by my learned certain knowledge that what I heard and enjoyed through the commitment of Bea and David to their spiritual work could only have been from the realms of spirit sharing their wonderful energies and exquisite music with us.

Mary Evans

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