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Sacred Site Tours


Since we met in 2003, we’ve been guided to travel to several sacred sites around the world. We’ve found that many of these sites were designed for making sound and our singing voices act as a key to help unlock the mysteries of these sites.

Over the years, we've taken small groups and individuals to some of our favourite places. We've regaled fellow adventurers with our stories and sounds whilst giving them the opportunity to experience a deeper connection with the land and themselves. Ease, grace and joy are key themes for these adventures.

We will tailor a sacred site journey according to your needs to make it a unique, life-affirming adventure.

"As guides to the sacred sites in this world, they offer what precious few can: a profound energetic understanding of the meaning of each holy place and a way to help those they guide access that meaning through sound and personal experience.
These are among the dearest people you will ever meet, accomplished, knowledgeable, professional, reliable, delightful and wise beyond measure.
They are not simple guides. They will take you on a journey that is vastly more than seeing ancient ruins or going into museums and old churches. You will be journeying into the depth of your own heart and immensely glad you had whatever it took to let yourself go for it." ~ Linley

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