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Our Journey


Bards of Avalon are Bea Martin and David Johnson. 

We first met in 2003 en route to Stonehenge for a sacred sound workshop with Jhadten Jewall. We’ve been singing together ever since!

Bea was introduced to toning in 1990.  Just five minutes chanting “Om” produced a profound heart opening and a desire to explore sound healing in much greater depth.  David has been fascinated with sound since a child.  His introduction to sound healing came via a gong bath which he won at a charity auction in 2002!

We have trained in a variety of healing modalities, however, we both found that sound healing has had the most profound impact on our lives.

Our explorations of sound have led us to learning directly from some of the world’s finest sound healing practitioners including Jonathan Goldman, Tom Kenyon, Chloë Goodchild, Jhadten Jewall and Lyz Cooper. We are both qualified British Academy of Sound Therapy Community Soundworkers.

From the day we met, we've travelled to sacred sites throughout the world, co-creating ceremonies using sound. This follows the ancient mystical tradition of the Songlines/Perpetual Choirs: to chant praises to the land to enchant it!

Whilst travelling, people would ask us to make a recording of our sounds. Eventually, with divine help and inspiration, we produced an album in 2010, “The Archangel Transmissions”.


We love to share our experiences of sound through workshops, sound baths, and presentations.

We enjoy providing practical tools and techniques to help you move through your life with greater ease, grace and joy.  Our mission: to inspire you to be the magnificent being you truly are. 

David has a passion for capturing our experiences through photography and multimedia.  He has created many videos for presentations which are designed to complement our sounds and inform and inspire the viewer.  Bea loves to write. 


In November 2015, we were honoured and delighted to be part of Theaster Gates' groundbreaking performance art piece "Sanctum."  For 24 days Sanctum hosted a continuous programme of sound over 552 hours, with Bristol based poets, performance artists and musicians from every genre, including us! We were particularly excited by this project as the venue, Temple Church, Bristol, lies on one of the Perpetual Choir lines. We performed four soundscapes there, including a very poignant piece for Remembrance Sunday.


We also love collaborating with other sound practitioners and were thrilled to be part of the backing bhakti choir on Tim Chalice's latest album, "Give It All Away For Love" launched in April 2016.


We’ve published a few articles in Paradigm Shift Magazine on Orb and paranormal photography and The Perpetual Choirs.

We’re also in demand as radio show guests and have appeared on BBC, BCfm, Ujima and Serenity UK Radio stations demonstrating our tonings, percussion instruments and singing live on the Steve Yabsley, Martin Evans and Health Watch shows.

We have also appeared on Arte TV in a documentary series "Histoires d'Arbres" with live singing and interview at the Whiteleaved Oak, Malvern.

Our life is a wonderful journey, blessed by sacred sound.  Come and join the adventure!