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Multimedia Presentations


We’ve been invited as speakers to several groups, sharing our experiences of working with therapeutic sound and also relating tales of our adventures to sacred sites around the world.

We combine David’s photography and video with our vocal harmonies and percussion instruments to give a multisensory experience.

Here are some of the presentations we have done:

* Therapeutic sound for holistic therapists.

* Sound healing and dowsing.

* Bornholm Island and its Templar connections

* Swimming with the humpback whales in the Bermuda Triangle

* Damanhur – insights from the spiritual community and eco-village in Italy.

* Avebury – co-creating ceremonies at one of Britain’s most ancient sacred sites.


I was fascinated by what you had to say about Bornholm Island and of course the amazing photos. Immediately I felt drawn to visit it, as there seems to be some connection there for me.


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