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Heartfelt appreciation from some happy customers :D

Quotes What can we say about the beautiful Bea & David, Bards of Avalon?... Highly spiritual, inspirational, playful and truly dedicated Souls who have lit up our lives since our synchronistic meeting of energies back in 2011!!! The energies of their combined presence is even more awesome, which is undoubtedly why whenever they facilitate an event at our Centre of Light & Healing, the levels of Love, Peace & Joy around everyone present are just indefinable!! We are truly grateful for the integration of their powerful energies in helping to guide our paths - assisting in the journey of our Souls and those at their workshops...they are Heaven Sent and we are truly blessed for their presence, not only in our personal lives but also in the unfolding future of our Centre. Blessings to you both for who you are, and for the healing you bring to Mother Earth and all her inhabitants with your Angelic Sacred Sound work! Rob & Celeste Gay, The Poplars Centre of Light & Healing, Kilgetty, Wales Quotes
Rob & Celeste Gay

Quotes I met David and Bea through a group session they held. After a wonderful group session I asked them if they could help me on a one to one basis to help me deal with some issues in my life. I was completely blown away by what happened in the individual session, it was out of this world and no words can be used to describe what happened and how it made me feel. I felt lighter, at peace and stronger, I also felt a lot closer to my guides. I was able to see energy actually moving. I feel extremely privileged to have met them, I can not speak highly enough of them. They are a truly amazing couple with an extremely unique gift and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Quotes
(Event, Sound Bath and House Space Clearing)

Quotes Heavenly sounds and visuals...what a celestial shower and cleansing <3 Quotes
("The Violet flame" video)

Quotes I've had the pleasure of hearing Bea and David perform several times and it is the most sublime, divine, magical and powerful thing ever! You can feel the archangels, magic beings, spirit and even the cetaceans at times! I always get HUGE goosiebumps and get taken off to the clouds! Very very beautiful, powerful and healing work. I also feel utterly humbled and delighted to call these two pure love beings my friends. A great honour! x Quotes
(Events and ceremonies)

Quotes I was very happy to be present at a demonstration given by the Bards of Avalon last month. Having been involved in the music industry for some 40 years, I have long standing experience of what is and isn't possible when using the human voice as an instrument. I stand by my beliefs and also by my learned certain knowledge that what I heard and enjoyed through the commitment of Bea and David to their spiritual work could only have been from the realms of spirit sharing their wonderful energies and exquisite music with us. I look forward at some point in the future to hearing them again, and sharing as well as all the other things their obvious love and care for each other. I wouldn't have missed it. Quotes
Mary Evans

Quotes Bea and David are a remarkable couple anchoring the energies of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine wherever they go. In ceremonies they call in the Angels and Archangels and set the space. With their beautiful and powerful voices and intentions we feel the close presence of the Beings of Light. I would like to thank them both for all their dedicated love and work for Source. Love and Blessings. Quotes
Catherine Stargazer
(Events, ceremonies and sound baths)

Quotes You are amazing people & doing beautiful light work!!! Quotes

Quotes Very healing and yummy! thank you Bea and David..the BARDS of Avalon ...CHECK IT OUT....it's gorgeous....tingles and mingles all the senses, warms the ole chakras and opens the heart...WOW xoxoxox Quotes
("Aurora" video)

Quotes I have now listened to your CD twice and find that it gives me a great deal of peace and tranquillity - assets that have been sadly lacking in my life for a very long time. Thank you very much indeed. Quotes
("The Archangel Transmissions" album)

Quotes Heart opening, profound and aligning. Quotes
("Aurora" video)